I wanted to do the Live Below The Line challenge using the simplest method, and aim to get three meals a day for a fiver. I hope I’ve done it. Pictured is my comparison of foods between Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s. There are some really cheap items, and not so cheap. I’ll be buying from the value, or basics, ranges from these three.

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As I embark on this five day period of cheap food and water, I’ve got to remember that this is for a number of good causes - not only to raise money for Christian Aid for its work around the world, but also to remind those of us who have the luxury of supermarkets everywhere that there are millions of people living on less than £1 a day - for everything. Please sponsor me - thanks:


Living on £1 a day

Welcome to the blog of Andy Jackson, Christian Aid’s Digital Content Manager, as he embarks on a massive challenge of living on a pound a day for five days.